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The Past Destroyed Miller – Might Her Replacement Be The Conservative Party’s Future?

The Maria Miller scandal was rooted firmly in the past – the sins of the old expenses system still haunt Parliament, even years after it was abolished. The reshuffle following her resignation, though, was entirely about the future. First, there’s the short-term future of the Coalition government. Even before the expenses scandal reignited, DCMS was […]


The Crucial Importance Of Graham Brady

Four days after the 2010 general election of that year, the 1922 Committee of Conservative MPs met in the Commons.  David Cameron persuaded it to support in principle the formation of a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, arguing that the alternative was a Labour-LibDem Government that would force electoral reform through the Commons without a […]


Cameron The Pragmatist Pushes His Rivals Towards The Margins Of Politics

A point sometimes arrives, in a game of bridge, when it becomes clear that the cards are falling right for a player. Almost everything attempted by that player comes off, not only because of his or her own skill, but because of the distribution of cards in his or her opponents’ hands, and the inability […]


Osborne Will Be Pleased With The Revolution In His Fortunes

What a difference two years makes. At this point in 2012, George Osborne’s budget was under fire from all sides, and the Chancellor himself found both his competence and career being called into question. That must now seem like a bad dream, as he reviews the 2014 headlines hailing his policy radicalism and political nous. […]


The Boris Problem – And How To Minimise It.

Some readers of this newsletter will have followed this week’s headlines about Tory tensions involving George Osborne, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson.  They therefore won’t be familiar with the detail – but will have picked up a clear impression: namely, that the flow of stories about possible future Conservative leaders has done nothing to help […]

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