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Cameron Wants Newark To Be His Springboard

2014’s political calendar is marked by three danger points for David Cameron (that we know of). The first was the European elections, when some feared that Conservative MPs would panic in the face of a UKIP victory. The second was the Newark by-election, when a defeat in this ultra-safe seat would have marked the start […]


Newark: Cameron’s Survival Moment?

The Newark by-election takes place in less than a week and, although the outcome is uncertain, we already know what will happen to at least one of the four main parties. The Liberal Democrats will get a bad result and come fourth – if not lower.  Reports this week suggest that they have been too […]


Farage Has Upstaged Miliband, But Helps Cameron To Look Serious

UKIP’s electoral success puts pressure on all the conventional parties, but most of all on Labour.  Ed Miliband has been comprehensively upstaged by Nigel Farage. Labour enjoyed a prolonged lead in the polls mainly because early in this Parliament, a large number of Liberal Democrats switched their support to it. They had not voted Lib […]


MPs Start To Regret Fixed Term Parliaments

Amid all the kerfuffle over the AV referendum, nobody noticed that another, equally important, constitutional change was being introduced. If anyone considered fixed term parliaments, it was only to add it to the list of things given to the Lib Dems to keep them happy, and little more. But fast-forward four years, and that change […]


15 Questions That Follow If Scotland Votes For Independence

 Will the Prime Minister resign – as a matter of honour because Scotland has been lost on his watch? Will he be forced to resign even if he is unwilling to do so?  46 letters of no confidence in him from Conservative backbenchers are required for a ballot of confidence in his leadership to be […]

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